May 26, 2009

Definitely a Crazy Life!

Just back from girl scout camporee. It's our annual city-wide campout. This is my troop's 5th year attending and we love it everytime. I was pleased to bring 9 of my girls with me (for 2 of them, it was their first time).

All went well -- left on time, was able to fit EVERYTHING into the cars with room to spare (not sure how that happened!), and only 2 threw up in the car on the way up. Doing pretty good at this point.

Unfortunately, drama ensued. Guess it's not possible for 500 girl scouts and parents to get together without a little excitement. We learned just after arrival that an 11 year old girl from another troop ran away from her group and hid in the woods. Thankfully, her mother was present and aware of the situation from the start. I couldn't imagine making that phone call home (hi, Mrs. Johnson, you daughter ran away into the woods and we can't find her. I'm very sorry)....

The girl was found the next morning and all were relieved. The alternative would have been extremely difficult to handle.

This was definitely a life-lesson for us all. When going into the woods with girls:
1) EVERY girl should wear a whistle so when lost in the woods, they can blow it and be found.
2) BUDDY system is extremely important and if the girls cannot handle it, then they shouldn't be at camp.
3) EMERGENCY procedures should always we covered. We all start our planning and say "nothing ever happens so no worries". This time, something did happen and we panicked. Always practice practice practice your emergency procedures. KNOW what the different siren sounds are and how to respond (gather, leave, ignore)...

Some interesting thoughts came out of this experience from my girls.
1) If the incident is on the news, then bad people will know where we are and come get us
2) if the girl is hiding, she may jump out at us and scare us

(Things I never thought of -- but interesting to keep in mind).

So, all is well. And the trip ended up a success. I don't think any of us will ever forget it.


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