May 28, 2009

10 y/o birthdays -- why oh why oh why

I'm in the midst of putting the final touches on my daughter's 10th birthday party. This year, we decided to do it "bigger" than the last couple years in which we had 3 or 4 friends for sleepover.

First she says -- ROLLER SKATING. (Lordy -- can you believe how expensive roller skating parties are these days. In my day -- which was a long long long time ago -- skating was the CHEAP sport. I know this because, believe it or not, i was a competitve roller skater. Why??? I have no idea).

Then we went through some of the typical ideas -- Pump it Up, Rock Climbing, etc.

Thankfully, my oh-so-creative mother hosted a "who killed santa" murder mystery party at christmas time. If you read my previous post, you know that my daughter is writing a horror story right now and loves scary stuff. So I offered up the idea of hosting a murder mystery party.

She LOVED this plan. Yay!!!

I was amazed at how many murder mystery kits exist that are kid-appropriate. We settled on "Who Stole the Crown from the Miss Teen USA Diamond." (I know, it's not a murder mystery but still tons of fun).

We ordered the kit, redesigned ALL the invitations (of course), made sashes, purchase the red carpet (of course) and tiaras (need I say more). I tell you, you would think these 4th grade girls have NEVER gone to a b-day party. It is certainly the talk of the school. And their faces just LIGHT up.

I will be the pageant host, Ms. Victoria Morningstar -- going for a texas, big-haired, over sparkled look with a huge accent, saying "Sug" and "dahlin'" all night. The girls are just tickled over the whole thing.

We're down to the last few days. I'll let you know how it goes.


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