May 22, 2009

The Book

My 9 year old is writing a book. Not just any book. It's a horror story. g r e a t. Why a horror story? No idea! It's her thing right now.

At this point, I think we're on chapter 6 and have rewritten it twice at least. She says "mommy, it's a really long story. It's handwritten FRONT AND BACK of the paper. and each chapter is 2 pages.". (I hate to tell her that when this is typed, it's only going to be about 1 pp per chapter. Wonder if she'll care.)

So, every day, 9 y/o has a question about this book (the book that is not yet finished).

Q1: Can I publish it?
Q2. When can I publish it?
Q3. When it's finished, will you find a publisher so I can publish it?
Q4. I want to give it to my friends so we need to publish it.
Q4. Will it be Hardback or Softcover???? (when it's published).

Geesh. It's exhausting. Told her to not ask anymore questions UNTIL it's finished!!!!! (is that bad? i guess I'm a ruiner of inspiration).


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