Jun 14, 2009

An example of what the world has come to....

I have decided to treat my 10 y/o daughter to her first concert. After-all, Miley Cyrus is touring this summer. What better way to begin? (Unlike my first concert -- Andy Gibb at the Concord Pavilion. I was 9. Went with friends. We were on the lawn and I brought my holly hobby sleeping bag to keep warm. Ahhhh, memories).

I asked daughter if she would like to go and the answer was, "Yes yes yes!!!!" I called her friend and friend's mom and they are both on board as well. So, we're all set. Just need to get the tickets.

Who knew that buying tickets would be SUCH A CHORE!!!!!!

Take a look at this challenge (thankfully, I lived through it).

6/8 - found out about the concert. Called friends, they are on board as well. Unfortunately, ticket sales go as follows (very deflating):

  • MileyWorld.com Presale Mon, 06/08/09 10:00 - Tue, 06/09/09 NOTE: COSTS $30 TO JOIN MILEY WORLD, WHICH GIVES YOU ACCESS TO THE PRESALE
  • American Express Presale Wed, 06/10/09 -Fri, 06/12/09
  • Onsale to General Public Sat, 06/13/09 10:00 AM
6/10-6/12 - I start searching for American Express pre-sale tickets. Honestly, the seats were NOT THAT GREAT. So I decided to wait until the general sale to see if I can get better seating

6/13 - logon at 10am sharp to ticketmaster to begin searching for tix. NOT THAT GREAT. So I call ticketmaster. Apparently, gone is the day when you can try to get good seats. They can NOT tell me what seats are available. They can simple say "here's best available -- take or leave." And while I searched online at the same time as the rep searched, I was getting a few rows closer than him. RIDICULOUS.

3 hours later -- still searching. but the same sections/same rows keep coming up. Finally, I broke down and just bought the darn tickets. They aren't horrible. But not what I wanted.

6/14 - day after bought tickets. Went on to tickemaster and the same rows/sections were popping up again. WHAT IS WITH THIS?

I find it a SHAME that we can no longer aspire to obtain good tickets. Yet, through a google search, I found a slew of ticket "agencies" with awesome seats...for $385 each. RIDICULOUS.

Thanks to scalpers and "agencies", tickemaster is forced to put these crazy seating controls in place. So the average person who wants to enjoy a good concert is no longer able to.

If anyone has tips on how to get through this system, please share. There is no reason we should all suffer like this. Some of my greatest memories are front row at a favorite concert. I want my children to grow up with the joy of music -- and being close shows that "rock stars" are just people.

What's an average joe (or joanie) to do????


elfqueenof5 said...

It has been my experience that if you go to a ticketing outlet in person, they can show you which seats are available on a seating chart and then you have the option of choosing which you would like. It doesn't have to be the box office necessarily, just a ticketing outlet where you are buying the ticket from a live agent. I have always been able to get better seats that way.

Lisha Fabris said...

Had no idea I could still buy tickets in person -- it's unheard of! Ha!

Pattie said...

I remember camping out overnight outside of the Wherehouse to get tickets for The Cure!! But in those days the first person in line would get first row tickets!! It is insane now to get tickets. We bought presale tickets to the Jonas Brothers last year and even though it was three days before being sold to the public we were still in the nosebleed. Such a bummer!! Now the only way to get front row is to win them in a radio contest or be the Pope!!

Lisha Fabris said...

Hey Pattie - I saw the Cure to (back in the day). My one claim to fame -- when we saw the Cure at Shoreline (I think it was '89), I got on stage and danced/sang with Robert Smith. WHAT A TRIP! So fun!!!

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